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Papers of the month: May 2023

Check out some of the papers that were recently published by DMCBH members: Anthony Traboulsee, Shannon Kolind: Ocrelizumab-treated patients with relapsing multiple sclerosis show volume loss rates similar to healthy aging Journal: Multiple Sclerosis Journal Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic autoimmune disease of the central nervous system characterized by two major and interconnected hallmarks: inflammation and progressive neurodegeneration. The…

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In the Media

Name Media Outlet Date Article
Teresa Liu-Ambrose Just One Thing with Michael Mosley – BBC 18/05/2023 Lift some weights
Teresa Liu-Ambrose Scottish Daily Record 17/05/2023 Michael Mosley shares three exercises that could help you live longer and shed weight
Benjamin Matthews Vancouver is Awesome 15/05/2023 Will soaring Metro Vancouver temperatures cause a mosquito boom? An expert weighs in
Silke Cresswell CTV 02/05/2023 Supporting people with Parkinson’s at UBC


Dr. Hokto Kazama: Representations and circuits for opposing odor values in the brain

June 2

2215 Wesbrook Mall
Vancouver, British Columbia V6T 1Z3 Canada

Zoom option if unable to attend in person: Zoom link here (click on “Join a meeting”) Meeting ID: 91512 289258 Passcode: 289258 Odors are intrinsically associated with values ranging from positive to negative as they induce innate behaviors such as attraction and aversion. However, how opposing, innate values of odors are represented and computed in the brain remains unclear. We are addressing…

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